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November 08, 2009



Thanks for summarizing this, but all it really does is make me more scared; ignorance is almost bliss. I wish SO MUCH I didn't go to Medical School.... my loans went into payment this summer and now I have to look forward to what has to become THE CRAPPIEST job in America. And, of course, I now have absolutely NO training to do anything else. Life sucks.

Thank you for the summary.

Kevin, it's never too late to pursue another career. Perhaps you could become a blogger. No shortage of opportunities there. As one who has been a physician for the better part of 17 years, I would take issue with your description of medicine as being the "crappiest job in America". What a shame. I enjoy taking care of patients more now than I did as an intern. Regardless of what happens to the medical field, medicine will always be a noble profession that calls for special individuals. The honor of this profession will never be changed by a bill. I suggest you review the history of medicine to gain some perspective.

Life sucks? Life is precious; and we as physicians are here to enhance it and protect it. You say you are scared and that ignorance is bliss. I say that the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.

(Stepping off soap box)

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